Thursday, October 8, 2009

From "Kyoto Protocol Consultant" to "Low Carbon Economy Consultant"

Champagne was time for a strategical management session for myself ... preparing for Copenhagen and post Kyoto.
My reflections:
1. Agenda 21 = God... or just about. The Millennium Development Goals bring us closer to them ... thank God, thanks Agenda 21.
2. God ... how are people reluctant to change ... they don't see it ... even those with ISO14000-Strategical Planning / Business Plans written all over them ... how can they miss it... well.. all the better and more special and valuable I am :)
3. "Kyoto Protocol Consultants" suffer a bit from what IT-wizzards suffer/suffered/are kicking-off ... the IT sector and the "Kyoto Protocol" have parrallels: those who knew and managed to orgnise a team of I guess friends into a dedicated team ... made a fortune... leaving others amazed behind on how fast things evolved: it's automatisation ... ow no ... it's not only a computer ... it's internet ... it's cloud-computing ... it's facebook/xing/linked-in/ecademy/... d0 I need a blog ? Picasa, Wiki, Mailinglists, ... the smart ones had a merger incalculated ... others underwent a forced merger or dissapeared ... specialise or widen-up ? But an IT guy today ... that doesn't know what a wiki is ? That's pathetic.
4. A "Kyoto Protocol" Consultant ... was hot between 2005 till now ... if that person doesn't know what is Agenda 21, the Millennium Development Goals ... and cannot adapt and keep the overview, offer the ability to his customers of being able to offer a bird-view/broader perspective and at the same time is able to zoom in ... that person will dissapear - not immediately - but just as the IT-er who doesn't know wiki ... will become just another employee... first highly paid, and then more and more eroding.  Agenda 21 is the broader Plan of Action to embedd everyting, the Millennium Development Goals are the inspiring beacons... so are the messages coming out of the UN, IPCC and UNFCCC website/rss/radio.  That allows offering strategical forecasting, and in the inhouse academy the Kyoto Protocol consulting, i.e. mere calculations have to be transferred to new generations.

Conclusion: from today I don't market myself as "Kyoto Protocol Consulant" anymore, butalways mention these 3 in my pitch: "Kyoto Protocol/Agenda 21/Low Carbon Economy/ Consulant"... specialised in bringing additional shareholder/added value by mobilizing the immense money flows from the Low Carbon Economy to the Organisation."