Thursday, October 8, 2009

Low Carbon Economy: more than CO2e-Certificates ... hello white and green certificates.

Living in Brussels - Capital of Europe, but also Capital of the Largest Emission Trading System on the Planet,  embedded in a multi-disciplinary and international team and familiar with all what the IT has to offer concerning laptop working/destressing using new technology like GSM/GPS/automatic back-up systems preventing shocks from theft in those CO2e-Brics countries/working in multi-disciplinary and international teams in Virtual and Real World offices/the international environment/travelling worldwide occasionaly so it can be combined with family life and continuing the globe-trotting when meeting, inspiring and working with the local diaspora... I just love it.
It is clear where we're going with Post-Kyoto: a Low Carbon Economy, using grants, CO2e-Certificates, Green and White certificates and this not in a black-white world but a much more as the world is patchwork: poor to rich with 6 grades in between... and every grade you step-up - thanks a.o. to the massive movement of capital streams/eco-techs/etc. towards developing nations - the country will have to take up more and more obligations ... if they cannot offer CO2e-certificates to their investors because of additionality ... then Green and White certificate generation will be offered AND a one single market first OECD+Brics wide and then expanding World Wide.  I foresee this big steps every 2 months until 2012-2015-2020.  Those are the years of turning points to watch out for by the way for those involved in strategical planning and needing a time line.
By the way: Prehistory-...-Middle Ages - Fossile Fuel Economy era- Transition Economy - Low Carbon Economy and hopefully Sustainable World... we're now in that Transition Economy phase ... prepare for major changes... Panic... no... not if you do as you've learned: there's a time for working and a time to reflect... Strategical Plan .. evaluate ... improve ... ajust/adapt ... and think in the right scale: the economic actors responsible for 45 Trillion of the 65 Trillion $ worldGross Domestic Product will have to undergo a complete overhaul to come out again ... or not in the Low Carbon Economy.
So get your timing right, combine experienced people with people familiar with that Kyoto Protocol stuff, put your plans next to the Plan of Action set-out by the worlds finest = Agenda 21 and Millennium Development Goals, watch the IPCC, read the UN they give the relevant news, next to the Carbon "Gazettes" and be able to detect when you're thinking Fossile Fuel Economy speed/size and allow the group to think at the market size: 45/65 Trillion $, 100 billion $ CO2e-Certificate Trading, remember your basics: open space, embrace internet ... have your documents ready for signatures so you can do proper business and get the money flowing iso getting into fights, think small and big, here and there, in time, adapt your pitch.
And.. change your title to something with Agenda 21 / Low Carbon Economy Consultant or so.... and enjoy life as long as it is there.