Friday, January 9, 2009

What makes a good Kyoto Protocol Consultant?

  1. Be good at something
  2. Learn to speak "Kyoto"
  3. Understand how the "Kyoto Protocol" / UNFCCC integrates in the larger plan of action set-out by the top of our humanity: Agenda 21 ... I e.g. focus a lot on Section III: Strengthening the Role of Major Groups and 5.4 Section IV: Means of Implementationand more specifically bringing money from the Low Carbon Economy to the Education Sector/the Public/The Citizen.
  4. Know how to make collaboration happen
    1. Know who you are, where you want to stay in the next 2 years and where you want to move towards after that... there's a lot of open roads for people that are good at something and have a good set of brains and that are open to learn... so don't panic, you won't be doing whatever it is for the rest of your life if you don't want that. There is too much demand in just about everything with Kyoto.
    2. Remember, the sector came from 0€ turnover in CO2e-Certificates in 2005, to 62 billion $ in 2007, to 100 billion $ in 2008 and the need for the CO2e-Certificates will explode to over 3.000 billion $ = 3 trillion with the USA joining. Setting up international, multi-disciplinary collaboration that embrace internet technologies are key. Business = looking for synergies, it's dancing, not fighting. Those that can close collaboration agreements faster than others will win. How do you develop speed ? Have a logical way to divide profits and how to deal with shares and a way to deal with conflicts internally.