Saturday, January 3, 2009

Carbon is Money ? CO2e is Money ?

Since 2005, the beginning of the Kyoto Protocol, you just put a windturbine, solar technology on your roof or just any similar CO2e-reducing technology and you'll be generating CO2e-Certificates or an equivalent of them. For every ton of CO2e that you help to prevent to escape into the atmosphere or every ton of CO2e you help to take out from the atmosphere, you can get it in cash: first you'll be able to obtain the CO2e-Certificate which will be transferred to you to your electronic CO2e-Certificate account (that you have to open, just like your bank account) and then you can either use them as a currency or sell them to a Government or its 40% largest CO2e-Emitting companies from non-sustainably developed countries that HAVE to buy them. These latter have to present a quota of CO2e-Certificates every year to the department of the United Nations = UNFCCC or its representative organisation in the country to whom it has delegated its power to.
The price of these CO2e-Certificates started in 2005 at 5€, soon they went up to 10€ (100% profit for the green guys that were quick), then it went to 15€ (200%) and the demand for them will rise that much that they are expected to rise to some 40-50€/CO2e-Certificate since the USA and other nations are coming under the Kyoto Protocol, and more and more sectors are being added.
In 2008, the turnover - just for the CO2e-Certificates - was about 100 billion € and it is expected to rise to 3.000 billion € by 2020.