Saturday, January 3, 2009

How did I become a "Kyoto Protocol Consultant"?

I've always been active in Youth Nature Organisations like Youth Environment Europe / Natuur 2000 / JNM". And in the 1980-ies there was the Acid Rain destroying all forests in Europe and beyond, then the hole in the Ozone Layer... and it was from then on that these debates had started on how to bring "nature" into the economic decision making process. So when then all of a sudden in 2005, the Kyoto Protocol and the CO2e-certificates came into force, I was very quick and understanding the logic.

I started off with a cycle - that never ended since - of intro lectures and workshops on "How to increase welfare, create local jobs, attract financiers, bring additional return on investment, develop business and M&A opportunities, eco-innovations, offering additional Risk Reduction and Roi thanks to the generation and sale of CO2e-certificates under the "Kyoto Protocol".

As such I find myself on the crossroad between all parties involved: governments and their 40% largest CO2e-emitting companies that HAVE TO BUY these CO2e-Certificates, governments and companies that generate the CO2e-Certificates, financiers, investors, speculators, technology providers, project developers, inventors, policy makers, politicians, NGO's, GO's, etc.

As you can see from my profile, I'm quite a multi-disciplinary type of person and that's also helping a lot to build "bridges" between all these different players. Every group has its own strengths and weaknesses, jargon .. and if you speak it .. people from those groups give you quicker their confidence... they need each other to get to the CO2e-Certificates anyhow. So that's a major part of my role: translating from one community to the other, i.e. the engineering commmunity to the financiers community to the eco-innovators, to the managers, north to south and back, even artists ! :)

Just to show that international collaboration is key in this job and there's a way to get involved from any

I'm based in Brussels - the capital of the largest CO2e-market on the planet - and thus well positioned to take part in the Carbon Friendly Economy we now live in.
Regularly I take part in EU workshops, think-tanks, give lectures or proceed sessions here in Brussels. :)

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