Thursday, December 18, 2008

20-20-20, Please spread the correct : 20-20-20+2

You probably know that last november-december 2008, there was a big conference in Poznan where all EU stakeholders gathered to get their act together on the Emission Trading for the post 2012.
And probably you heard speaking of "20-20-20", referring to -20% CO2e-emissions by 2020 and 20% Renewable Power.
I have a comment to that because that equation is not complete. It is actually like this:
20-20-20-0: the zero referring that with those measures humanity can reach a 0°C Global Warming again some generations later. We have passed that point-of-no-return... it's not possible anymore. Worse:
20-20-20-2: -20% CO2e by 2020 to reach a Global Peak temperature a decade or so later, after which the temperature would drop to a pre-Global Climate Destabilisation situation - sorry - "manageable" Global Climate Destabilisation for rich developed states. Manageable means that about 1 billion of the poorest people and nations will simply die. Euphemistically during what's called "Climate Change Adaptation": you can choose how you die - too much water, too little water, spreads of deseases like malaria because their carriers can all of a sudden survive where they couldn't survive up to now due to too low temperateres e.g., you can also choose to die from a hurricane or a tyfoon, or do you please to die in a forest fire, a landslide from the continuous bashing of the higher sea-levels on your shore line or ... you opt for a spectacular suffocation in an avalange or prefer the slow death in a suffocation of a sand-storm followed by no food, what's also very painfull and taking a long time: suffocation by drowning in a swollen rainfall river ... plenty to choose from. Wrong, it will be imposed on you, unless you choose to perish during one of the exodus flees of some of those 1 billion. You can always opt for a life of a pirate in a state that collapsed.

The truth: 20-20-20+2
: amidst all the wining of the industry and political blabla, you can also listen to those that actually KNOW nature and climatology ... and then you find out following: With the measures taken now, we're not going to reach Global Peak Temperature by 2020 at all, we're going to bypass it ... get ready for +2°C = a Catastrophic Global Climate Destabilisation scenario we end up in.

Please help to spread: 20-20-20-/+2 !!! and google: youtube wonderingmind42 watch all of this funny and brilliant professors videos on the Globale Climate Destabilisation. You'll love them ! :)

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