Monday, December 6, 2010

EU regions back Schwarzenegger initiative to save climate | EurActiv

Climate and ETS - cynics claim only the EU likes CO2e-certificates and the Emission Trading System and that it is a complete failure.
Nothing is more away from the truth.
1. The vast majority of the planet want resources to be brought to the table to tackle climate change.
2. The developing countries are benefitting from the 100 billion CO2e certificates that are generated in e.g. 2009: there's only 1 way CER's can be generated: by doing CO2e-reducing projects in the countries where people and Life is killed due to the Global Climate Destabilization.
3. There's 2 types of CO2e-certificates: the AAU's or "Rights to Pollute", originally representing the quantity expressing the elasticity of CO2e our planet's system can absorb and that was to be democratically distributed to all people, but this principle has been abandoned to kick-start the ETS as climate negationists and their petro-lobbiests claimed it would be too short to adapt.  Now that the ETS has been kick-started, these AAU's must be brought back to their original intention and the practice of handing out excess AAU's to the fossile industry must be abandoned ASAP.  The only CO2e-certificates allowed are CER's under the CDMechanism, which must be adapted to the project promotor's type: it must be possible for a simple farmer who plants a tree to claim their CO2e-certificates in a simple way.  There's enough ICT to get to that.  Large projects should go through a Life Cycle Analysis much like todays Methodoloty and auditing before they get to their CO2e-certificates.
4.  People who are against the CO2e-certificate ETS, must understand the difference between the Right to Pollute certificates and CER's.  In 99% of the cases they're against only the rights to pollute and not the CER's nor ETS.
5. Those against the ETS, must realize that if they want to switch from a mixed tax-based system/certificate ETS system to a tax-system to correct the free-market system has following draw back:
a system like the European Union with its nearly 750 million inhabitants manages to mobilize about 6 billion € via taxes for its environmental protection programs (figures given by WWF during 2009 DG Environment Greenweek).  The ETS via the CO2e certificates managed to mobilize 100 billion € in 2009, compared to the 6 billion via taxes... I think it is clear what power the ETS brings to the environmental movement.  Since 2005, CO2e became money and planting a tree and knowing sustainability prints MONEY... that is incredibly powerfull.  When you controll the printing machines and the vans that controll the availibility of money via interests and credit line availibility of a people, it doesn't matter who's on power according to JP Morgan of the Morgan family.  Since 2005, part of that power came back into the hands of "the People" as they can now print their own money: CO2e-certificates ... all you have to do is plant a tree, that's how simple it can be.  And because this absolute controll now slips away from those families and groups that controll the fossile economy, that is why their rum-rum drums and trumpet scams on the ETS turn day-and-night... alas 90% of the NGO's let themselves be driven into the horse-span ahead of this wagon.  WAKE UP NGO's!  Start printing Co2e-money yourselves, take what you have invested in for over decades.  Some of you have been able to give to you all what you've been fighting for: a tool to cut deep into the flesh of those fossile tirands !
6. The USA would be against the ETS... That's a lie.  In the USA there are several ETS at work for a very long time.  There is e.g. one on exchanging certificates for acid rain gases.  That's how the USA got that problem under controll and managed to direct money to address that problem.
7. Many responsible state governers do take action as they fear a "Hamburger" or "Tobacco" law suit, but now for not dealing with the Global Climate Destabilization as a responsible parent: there is overwhelming evidence for it and its human caused nature and the historic responsibility of the 1st World Countries.  They accept a fine to be sent by those of the 1 billion citizens out of the 7 billion we are on this Planet and who are dying from the Global Climate Destabilization, but they do want it to be paid by the citizens in those states that do not do everything in their power to NOT emit CO2e anymore as in their states.   EU regions back Schwarzenegger initiative to save climate | EurActiv

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