Friday, October 29, 2010

Wallonian State steals away talent from NGO regardless what

I'm a proud co-founder of - a platform for all interested in Africa, the Global Climate Destabilization, the Emission Trading System and Development.  We started in Brussels some 3 years ago.

Here's our logo that was long debated over:

We are a very little group of about 12, of which 3 to 5 are active.  I'm proud to see how all understand what is going in and how trees, windturbines, more efficient stoves, etc. are printing machines of CO2e-money. And how 1 newly graduated African Diaspora lady has studied up in her own free time from the leads and basic insights I gave her, to get a job in 2010 in the State of Wallonia's DNA.

The Wallonian State must and should be very proud of having as probably the only DNA on the European continent a "Carbon Specialist" from the African Diaspora among her employees.

What I don't appreciate from the Wallonian DNA, is their human resources management and strategical management. They overload our newly recruited with so much abroad travels and work, that she has no more time for our still-in its infant shoes causing it to a near halt.

Did the Wallonian DNA support in any way? No. The Wallonian State ? No. The Belgian State ? No.

A more intelligent Strategical Management and Human Resources Management would be to free her up e.g. 1 day a week to work for the NGO that kick-started her, so she could continue building capacity for Wallonian, Belgian, European, African Diaspora Community and the countries and people on the African Continent.

Next year 2011 is the United Nations International Year for People of African Descent, maybe the Wallonian DNA might have some good ideas on how to support it now.