Friday, October 29, 2010

Half a Trillion $ for the war in Afghanistan: a Sustainable Low Carbon Economy please !

One of the only programs I like on CNN is Fareed ZAKARIA's "GPS".  The interviewed Mr. Bergen who interviewed Bin LADEN, stated that half a trillion $ has been spent on USA intelligence since the 9/11 attack of the Twin Towers in the USA Wall Street District.
Half a trillion... that's 500 billion $, i.e. 500.000.000.000 $, that's about 1500 $ per American citizen in 10 years, or some 150 $/American x about nearly 10 years that have gone by.
Please, let's get rid of the Fossil based Economic-Military-Political Complex, where nothing is what it is and in the end nobody knows anything anymore.  Kick these people out.

Nothing worthy of mentioning has been spent on setting-up exchange programs so people could get to know each other, discuss around shared interests and Peace Bombs.  If you have any numbers on the numbers spent on Peace Building measures, please let me know.

Please defend the Emission Trading System (ETS) as it is a pillar on the road to a sustainable economy and world as every person planting a tree is actually planting a CO2e-certificate printing machine.  With CO2e-certificates being the money of the Low Carbon Economy.  Thus the ETS brings the power of printing money back to the people and that's a very powerful something.

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