Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Corporate Social Responsibility and a 12 Trillion $ debt or a CO2e Emission Trading System?

The American election trumps and trompets sound.  Please turn down the volume of this profiling campaign of ... what leadership?

The IPCC president declared that every senator is lobbyed by 2 fossil sector paid "specialists".

According to CAN European industry giants even join in by donating some 171.000 € to lobby against a post "Kyoto" agreement to address the Global Climate Destabilization: a.o. Arcelor Mittal, GDF Suez, BP, BASF, Bayer and Lafarge.  These groups are models for "Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Greenwashing".  They really sadden me.  These companies have so much engineering skill, technologies, financial power, management skills, R&D, products and services, you name it.  Really, whom are they going to sell their products and services to in 10-15-20 years?  I think our earth's population is going to dip strongly due to the Global Climate Destabilisation.  These would have been all excellent consumers.  In India, China, Brazil, Mexico and other Tiger countries, there are such great examples of how families feel themselves jump in periods of 20 years, to new levels of welfare.  In 20 years, I hear most Chinese will have the same standard of living as 1st World Countries.  And Arcelor Mittal, GDF Suez, BP, BASF, Bayer, Lafarge, don't think this could be applied to other regions and these people wouldn't like to have their products?!?

This type of leadership pushed the planet into a Global Climate Destabilization, where civilizations are reduced to tribal nomads with waging conflicts.  That type of people isn't republican or democratic. That type of people, families and groups are mis-using a democratic system as the only products and services that will be needed more and more are weapons and services around that.  These leading groups don't care about their own kids, let alone the welfare of other Americans.

Leaders that saddle up the American citizens and society - normal working democrates and republicans alike - with a 12 Trillion $ gross debt on the back of their people... or is it 5 Trillion $ more?

"Although not included in the figures reported by the government, the U.S. government the obligations of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, was just over $5 trillion.[15]"

Such figures make the EU support to bail out Greece look like peanuts.

US Gross Federal Debt as % of GDP: is it 80 or 90%, it climbs so fast, it's hard to keep track.

Seriously, I see some green dots in Africa that may indicate regions where one can thrive business, when one knows the region and the CO2e-business.  One such group is www.AfricaCO2.org 

Too many "leaders" that are representatives of military-economic-complex that clings to a fossile based economy and that prever "Corporate Social Responsibility" over engaging itself in real engagements s.a. accepting responsibility under the CO2e-Emission Trading System.
The market will regulate itself and corporate social responsiblity will do the rest?

Leaders in growth countries that bulk with trillions of USA $ are joined by petro-sjeiks in their wondering if ever they're going to be able to exchange these paper $ for anything of real value.

The Global Climate Destabilization celebrates 2010 as the year in which the 2002 mission to stop Biodiversity Loss completely by 2010 ... completely failed and where we're heading for a +6°C runaway Climate Destabilisation.  I wonder to whom these leaders in the military-economic-political fossile chaos think they'll sell their goods and services too and what fun it will be for them and their families, children to live in a world that will llook more like ... Somalia.

I've never seen a type of people trying to pull the rug under the feet of a President that comes along once in a life time and really think they're doing something great.  Change your USA $ for CO2e-money of the Low Carbon Economy and art.  Why not have a look at a fund investing in CO2e-art: www.GraffitiFund.tk

The fossile military economy, let's burry it 6000 feet under where it comes from.

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