Monday, October 11, 2010

A Biodiversity Certificate Trading System

During Greenweek 2010, the WWF gave a presentation where it calculated that a European Union, could raise about 4 billion € for supporting the European Union's nature reserves: to acquire new ones and manage existing ones as I recall it.
The CO2e-certificate Emission Trading System under the UNFCCC's "Kyoto Protocol", managed to mobilise about 100 billion € in 2010.  And that's only for the CO2e-certificate trading.  The investments in PV-/Wind-farms/etc. is of course a multiple of that.
4 Billion versus 100 billion €.  So via taxes, an EU, manage to mobilize 4 billion €.  If one puts a CO2e-certificate between where the money is, where the solutions are and where the problem is, the financial markets manage to mobilize 100 billion €, just in the CO2e-certificate trading alone and over a Trillion or 2 € probably in investments in sustainable energy..  What a contrast, isn't it?

Hence my "Request For Comments" on following: "What are the pro's and con's for establishing a Biodiversity Certificate Trading System".

Those who want to work out things even more, may want to consider the open and free "Virtual Office" of Agenda 21, more in particular this starting page: Biodiversity-certificate-trading-system.

Looking forward to your comments and ready for replying!