Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hunger is stupid, it's outrageous. Just put a plan in the earth and it grows a crop... and for all kinds of stupid reasons like corruption it isn't done. We have to get angry about this. On one side of the planet we die of heart attacks from over eating and hours away they's starving. And this is happening 10 years after the year 2000 ?! You must be kidding me ! Sing the petition, demand the salaries of our leaders to be connected to reality, with a fixed basic salary and if they want to make more, they'll have to manage together some basic goals... how hard can it be, the earth is there, the water is there, the people are there, the technology exist ... Corruption here, untold entaglements and corruption there, near to slavery, little comissions big desasters, I don't want a sweatshirt coming from such results anymore, I'll pay my jeans 4 € more, I can't stand it any longer. Long live internet, exposing all this rubish and pointing fingers. You can't fix it ? GET THE HELL OUT !
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