Tuesday, March 2, 2010

EU targets action on forests | EurActiv

In the article "EU targets action on forests | EurActiv", we can read:
"Europe is doing relatively well compared to the "alarming rate" of global deforestation, ... said Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik, unveiling an EU Green Paper on forest protection and climate change yesterday."
This is alarming in itself: an EC Comissionar using such language while he's got to attract as much attention as possible
a. AWAY from Paris Hilton and other SEX, SCANDAL and other PENIS and BOOBS level shock marketing sloganesk empty-headedness, that is often even luring in top news breakers and journalists adding to misguiding people, especially YOUNG people suggesting that these fabricated fictious characters would be role models to be copied and inspired by and -worse- failing to portray a stream of youngsters and role models that merit to be put in the spotlights, given a loud-speaker and an audience
b. TOWARDS -only- a Global Climate Destabilisation that the IPCC estimates in a moderate scenario is going to kill only 700 million of the 6,7 billion people we are on this planet anno 2010.
Mr Comissionar Potočnik, starting with "Europe is doing relatively well..." and that in relation to a Global Climate Destabilisation, just results in you loosing people's 3 seconds attention span AND IS REALLY A ROOKY MISTAKE FOR SOMEONE OF YOUR LEAGUE AND SUPPOSEDLY EXPERIENCE AND FAMILIARITY IN MASS COMMUNICATION WHICH WE CAN EXPECT YOU TO MASTER TOO. DAMN IT !
Do you know the salary and tax exemption benefits and pension plans these people get ? I think this is really a very bad an slip of the tongue.
May I recommend starting with something like:
"The Global Climate Destabilisation is ALSO coming down HARD on Europeans, and more particularly also our oxigen generating forests and land...".
And then I'd mention that the speed at which fungi, algae, germs are killing our forests due to a complete and ever accellerating disruption and mis-match timing between when the birds arrive, lay eggs and need the caterpillars and insects to feed their young and the fact these insects are not there anymore because these insects have been able to hatch a couple of weeks earlier due to these couple of tens of degrees, resulting in a chain of events such as: insects and germs can dig holes, eat leaves like never before as the birds haven't arrived yet or are still in their courting dances and don't think of harvesting food for their chicks yet. Resulting in holes and damages into the trees, leading to massive entrance of fungi and bacteria into our trees, making them sick, leading a.o. to infertile seeds and the next storm bringing all these weakened trees down. Red alert, potential oxigen depletion: Europeans, your longs, your forests might be gone within 5 years.
* What are the effects of this towards attracting investors in forestation industry projects?
* What are the effects of this towards attracting investors in the agricultural industry projects?
* What are the effects of this towards attracting investors in medicine projects? Are we only going to see investments in short term - asthma puffer projects, as a large amount of youngsters are on puffers these days or what?
Mr. Potočnik, you are not just a Mister, you are our Comissionar, representing and talking out to nearly 500 million europeans and all ministers of forestry or environment worldwide and all investors to sectors related to forestry.
I think Comissionars making such mistakes should be deprived of a flexible result related part of their salary. And we Europeans should be receiving the money cash on our bank-accounts, even if it is 0,001 € per European. Just the fact it would mention something like: refund of EU Comissionars'missed flexible result related bonus package refund, would just stimulate active citizen ship.
So EU Comission: PAY US BACK ! BETALEN !