Monday, January 25, 2010

2€ = 1 CO2e, suggestion as next 2€ commemorative coin

Hello, did you know the Euro-coins come with different back-sides?

Here's the whole list for you to see for yourselves, you might own one without you knowing :) € commemorative coins.

There's e.g. some to commemorate the Olympic Games in an EU member state, or the anniversary of the Human Rights or the Belgian "Braille" who invented the reading signs for the blind.

So here's my appeal for a commemorative coin celebrating the 5th birthday of the Emission Trading System, 2005-2010. With 2005 as the year where Carbon became "Money".

1. Announcing the 5th anniversary year of the Emission Trading System under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change -, wouldn't a commemorative 2€ coin be a conceivable suggestion?

2. I would suggest 2€ and on the other side 1 CO2e as per UNFCCC, I've taken the liberty to design and make one for you to show and I'd herewith request your comments for it. I hope you like it and get the idea

3. As a CO2e-project developer, Low Carbon Economy Leadership developer, and member of, wouldn't it be a conceivable suggestion to commemorate the 5th birthday of the Emission Trading System = alias "Kyoto Protocol", 2005 - 2010 with an appropriate 2€ coin?

4. Above that, Eruope is recognized as the largest and leading Emission Trading system on the Planet.

5. As CO2e-project developer of also grass-root organisations and projects, bringing money from the Fossile Fuel Based Economy to the Low Carbon Economy, coming in from Agenda 21 - Section IV.6 Through the Means of Financial Mechanisms / The UNFCCC's Emission Trading System on CO2e-certificates, I think Europeans and all involved in combating the Global Climate Destabilisation can be proud of the Emission Trading System as one of the tools and certainly a system that has is an effective means to make the polluters/wrong-do-ers pay, a lot of sympathy from the market, the financial sector, the business community, politicians, people and people in developing countries who see a lot of money and sustainable technologies coming their way and improving their living and helping them to adapt to the Global Climate Destabilisation.

Please send a lot of emails to the European Central Bank to support the system and keep it in the hands of the public.

Looking forward to your comments as always.

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